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Could My Symptoms Be Covid-19?

A guide to help you understand the many symptoms of the coronavirus.

Corona Virus Resources

Click here to find the most accurate  information about the Coronavirus in your area.

The COVID-19 Rapid Test

COVID-19 Rapid Test should not be used until symptoms have been present for at least 3 days.

PCRIgMIgGClinical Significance
Patient may be in the window of infection
Patient may be in the early stage of infection
Patient is in the active phase of infection
Patient may be in the late or recurrent stage of infection
Patient may be in the early stage of infection. PCR result may be a false negative.
Patient may have had a past infection and has recovered
Patient may be in the recovery stage of infection, or the PCR result may be a false negative.

How Safe Is Your School's Reopening Plan?

A guide on how to weigh the key elements of your local school’s COVID-19 reopening plan.

Additional Corona Virus Resources

A list of resources from some trusted sources that may answer your most pertinent questions as the Corona Virus outbreak event unfolds.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)​

Information from the leading national public health institute of the United States about the current Corona Virus outbreak.

Pandemic Preparedness

Timely and accurate information about the Corona Virus outbreak, Tailored to different audiences 

World Health Organization (WHO).

Information about the Corona Virus out break from the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO Travel Advice

International travel and health advice from the world health Organization (WHO).

Hospital Capacity Tracking Website

A resource that tracks hospital capacity figures based on data reported to the Agency from the hospitals.

Hacking Coronavirus RSS Feed

IFMBE Clinical Engineering Division’s dedicated Coronavirus  RSS feed as it relates to healthcare technology.

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